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Colombian buttlifting jeans that will change your life!

How do butt-lift Jeans Work?

All of our buttlift jeans are true 100% Colombian jeans, designed to enhance your curves and work with what you already have. 

  • Colombian jeans are cut with extra room in the butt so your butt sits in the jean instead of being pushed flat. With this extra material and extra room, you get a lifted look! 
  • A true Colombian jean is cut in the shape of the female body so that it fits both the butt and the waist without any back gap.  
  • It isn't just about the booty! Colombian jeans have a unique inner and outer stitching that holds tight and lifts. The jeans are made with stretch material to to fit your thighs, flatten your tummy, and enhance your curves overall. 

Leggings and sport bras for working out and lounging!

Why is athleisure Life?

What if you could wear your gym clothes to a meeting? Or your date-night top to the yoga studio? our Athleisure collections can help you do just that. Mom, friend, employee, caretaker, sister, spouse etc. Our version of athleisure can get you from gym to the weekend. Style, comfort, and versatile transitional pieces is what NiceFlamingo's athleisure is all about.  

One of the few water safe and all natural scrubs!

Who can use our scrubs?

Our scrubs are Safe for ALL types of skin.

Packed with vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids we use all natural grapeseed oil because It's absorbed quickly into the skin leaving you smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy. It brightens, tones, lighten pimple scars and dark spots.

We use top quality, all natural essential oils rich with sedative and relaxant properties to console the body and mind. our scrubs are especially cool, crisp, penetrating and rich in aroma.

We use an all natural broad spectrum preservative so our scrubs are water safe and protect from bacterial and fungal growth


All our scrubs promote stress reduction, exercise

and performance recovery, reduces pain and swelling. 

Our Promise: 

  • No parabéns
  • No Sulfates
  • No palm oils